Get affordable, highly skilled staffing for your logistics needs.

Whether you’re a freight broker, TMS provider or 3PL, our affordable staffing solutions can help you optimize your business with top talent that’s instantly up to speed.


Multi-Point Track & Trace

Makes dispatch checkpoint calls to ensure complete control of your shipments at all times.

Accounting Support

Streamlines load schedules and supply chain operations to enhance account management.

Freight Scheduling

Manages load pickups and freight scheduling.

Carrier Development

Negotiates best rates and coordinates carriers.

Account Management

Provides dispatch team support and load management for individual accounts.

Customer Service

Answers customer calls and provides remediation.

Employee Accountability

Monitors employee engagement to ensure workers are on track to meet their goals.

Process Flexible

Our flexible staffing system provides immediate, focused support for every part of your back-office operations.

Add an Edge to your Process

Access a pool of affordable, highly skilled candidates
The average cost of outsourcing to Three Peak Solutions is about half of what you would pay a W-2 employee.
Plug-and-play new hires with no need for company training or associated costs
All of our employees are knowledgeable about the U.S. Logistics industry – all you need to do is train them on your company’s processes.
Scale with readily available staff to handle your business growth
Our team can help with logistics paperwork, managingTMS requests or anything else you need.
Enjoy additional benefits
Our team provides multilingual, 24/7 support to help you reduce company churn and fill talent gaps.

Our team of highly skilled professionals can handle every aspect of day-to-day operations, enabling you to focus on managing the overall growth of your business.

Scale your business effortlessly with Three Peak Solutions

Drive growth with turnkey logistics staffing support.