Our Mission

Staffing is one of the greatest challenges for firms in the fast-growing field of logistics. That’s where an experienced partner can help. Three Peak Solutions works with you to optimize cost and scale with ease by providing essential outsourced services tailored to the logistics industry.

From providing day-to-day operational support to carrier sales and account management, our highly skilled staff enables you to deliver better service at a fraction of the cost.

We know logistics.

We service a range of logistics-based companies with highly specialized needs:

3PLs: We help ease recruitment challenges by hiring and training workers who are in it for the long haul

Freight brokers: Our talent is prepared to manage complex brokerage documentation

Asset-based carriers: Need help with equipment maintenance and routing? We have you covered

Freight forwarders: Let our team maintain your contacts with multiple shipping options

Better Performance. Lower Costs.

A full-service logistics support team gives you the flexibility to take command of the operational side of your business. When you outsource jobs to us, you get high quality, affordable performance that frees you from constant and costly staffing concerns.

Scale your business effortlessly with Three Peak Solutions

Drive growth with turnkey logistics staffing support.